Information for Artists--Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat


The purpose of this event is three-fold:  to have a great time celebrating a wonderfully spooky Hallowe'en, to share our art, and to help animals!

The event will go "live" October 1st, 2015 and run for the entire month (or, perhaps, a little longer)!

There will be a preview September 25-27th to take part in the Canada-wide Culture Days event!  Details about this exciting addition to our tour to come!


To participate in the Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick-or-Treat,
each artist needs to create a live webpage containing the following and supply to me the web address which I will link to the trick or treat map:


1.)  *Optional*  Approaching your studio:

An image of your house decorated for Hallowe'en.  The idea here is to represent your house as the trick-or-treaters approach.  This can be a photo of your decorated doorway, condo, fence, barn, street in fall colors, etc...  It can be from years ago.  A photo of your local cemetery will do nicely, too!  There's lots of lee-way, but it must be an outdoor shot.  Be impressive and entice visitors to "come inside". 


2.)  *Optional* The Hostess/Host:

A photo of you, preferably dressed up for Hallowe'en.  You can completely conceal your image if you're not comfortable with having your photo on the internet.  It can be from years ago.  It can be photo-shopped, whatever you're comfortable with.  A photo of you at a Faery Fest, Renaissance Fair, or even at the Haunted Mansion at Disney, etc... is fine, too!

And some sort of introduction to your studio, yourself and your art, inviting people in to see your work, have some deep fried spider legs, watch out for the zombie rats, try out your bed of nails...!  Silly, serious, scary!  Go for it!


3.)  Your art:

Photos of 2 to 12 art pieces that are for sale that fit the Hallowe'en/autumn theme with descriptions and prices for each piece and details on shipping, payment options, etc... to close a sale.  Please present your art with a Hallowe'en/seasonal background, gifs, etc... appropriate to a Hallowe'en tour!

Each piece must be your original artwork and must be available for purchase on October 1st.

Because of issues in previous years regarding the use of animal parts and angered conservation-minded individuals that have misunderstood the ethical attainment of these products or the value in recycling, please refrain from including animal parts (including recycled fur) in your art work for the tour. 

Please, no double-posting on other online shows or sale sites like etsy (as much as possible, please use the etsy "deactivate" option for the duration of the tour).

Please note: art that includes an animal or animal motif has a higher probability of selling since many of the trick or treaters will be animal rescue, rehab and conservation minded individuals!  I encourage you to create pieces that would be of interest to them!

As items sell, new items can be added to your page.


4.)  Your contact information, website, email, etc... and a link back to the trick or treat map

All dealings with collectors are directly with you, the artist, so please include your email.

Also you can include whatever links you like (to your homepage, blog, other advertising, etc...)

At the bottom of the page, please include a link back to the map so trick or treaters can continue the tour.  A standardized link will be supplied.



Since each blog post has a unique address, I could link to a specific post on your blog.

If using a blog, please include the following:

Title of the blog post:  My "studio" on the Halloween Trick or Treat Tour

Top of the post should read something likeI’m taking part in the Online Hallowe’en Artists’ Studio Trick or Treat (include the tour’s button) and here are my offerings for the tour with 20% (or more as you've decided) of all my sales going to my favorite animal charity:  ________________.

And at the bottom of the post it should say:  Now go back to the tour map by clicking here.   with a link to the tour's map which will be supplied.

Your post can be created in advance and saved as draft and then “published” on Oct. 1st (Wednesday) or for the preview if we again become a Culture Days event.

Remember to include an email, shipping info, payment options and all other necessary details so our trick or treaters can contact and buy from you easily!

Looking for a free website? has been recommended by a fellow artist.


5.)  A fee

Each artist is to donate 20% or more of their sales to a selected animal charity.  You must inform me of your selected charity and state on your page which charity you have selected, including a link to their website.  Additionally, it would be lovely if you stated why you picked that charity.  

If you have a good time, if you have good sales, if you want to help out more, please consider the animals you could be helping and donate an additional sum, whatever you feel is appropriate!  I leave it up to you to help however you can!

Your donations to the charities are due November 15th, 2015.  Send me a total of the money sent to your charity so I can total the amount we donated and share our collective success!


6.)  A promise to share the news!

Let your collectors, family and friends know!  If we all announce the event to our collectors and circle of acquaintances, this creates a huge audience!  So please promise to let everyone know you're participating in this event.  Blog it, tweet it, announce it on your Facebook, get it in your local paper!  Put it on your website, send an announcement to your collectors!  Another great idea is to print the poster and bring it to your local library!

The success of previous years centered largely on the artists and how incredibly well they spread the news!

Of course, you need to inform your selected charity that you're taking part in this tour on their behalf and that animals in many different situations will be helped by the efforts of everyone involved!  Ask them to help advertise as animals will benefit.

  (In 2009 we had 1382 unique trick or treaters, in 2010 we had 1110, in 2011 we had 1958, in 2012 we had 2071, in 2013 we had 1066 and in 2014 we had 1547!)


Willing to hang a poster or two?  The link for a printable image is below, click on the poster image for a jpg ready to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper!  You can also use it to print postcards, etc...

tour-poster.jpg (166966 bytes)


Click here for the pdf of the bookmarks, 5 bookmarks on 1 sheet of paper (that look good in black and white or in color).


The image below makes a great "button" on your webpage!  Feel free to resize it!

(The artwork is by Ontario artist Bill Slavin and is used with his kind permission.)


7.)  Your webpage link must be supplied to me by September 20th, 2015, at the latest! that I can check and mount everything in time for the fun to start October 1st, possibly for our preview starting late September.

I reserve the right to refuse to link pages that do not meet the stated guidelines.


Please contact me if you are having trouble with the requirements.  Let's make it happen!  Remember: this is supposed to be fun, not hard work!


So, in summary, the web address for the show is  I will create a
Main Page (the Studio Trick-or-Treat map) with links to each artist's "studio" page.  Each artist supplies to me a web address to the page they created which contains:

 a photo approaching their home (optional);

a photo of themselves in costume with an introduction (optional);

photos of 2 to 12 seasonally themed pieces of art with descriptions and purchase information,

contact information, etc...

a link back to the map

(for sample pages, see last years tour at  A great webpage was created by Kelly Dauterman: and a great blog post was created by Amber Rose Lawrence:

You will also be included in the blog, and can participate!  Simply email me and I'll add you as a blog "author"!

And we're on Facebook:  Please invite your friends!


Any questions?  Please ask:  woosel[at]


 Go to

or return to


Of course, I am not responsible if, in October, the internet crashes, my internet host has contact issues, etc... 

As this is a work in progress, I have the right to change these requirements within reason as needed.  

If you try to contact me woosel[at] and I do not reply, please do try again!