With Sadness, the

is no more...

From 2009 through 2015, our tour raised funds for animal causes, rescues and shelters 
with international artists displaying their incredible seasonal art which YOU purchased!


We raised at least $6039 in donations with approximately 9725 visitors over the 7 years!  WOW!  

That money has helped animals, from bees to sharks, dogs to donkeys!

And, of course, our beloved bats!


"We in the bat community share the great sadness of witnessing the carnage of White Nose Syndrome, but we also share the privilege of it being our day - our fight to win.  This is our opportunity to make this story one we can tell our grandchildren with pride.  We can make a difference here, we have to, and I fully intend to help see that we do."  -- Alan Hicks, wildlife biologist who first raised the alarm about White Nose Syndrome and continues the battle









Here is a list of artists who were loyal supporters of the Tour for many years:
































Please visit them and mention that you saw them listed here:


*Adrianne Jeswiet  

*Carl Chalupa  

*Beth Hutchison

*Doris Waschinski  

*Tamra Kohl  

*Diana Ussery  

*S. J. Tucker  

*Martha DeRaimo-Burch  

*Melanie Clark

*Pam Pontious  

Tammi Beaulieu

and me, *Karen Waschinski


* = look for a picture of their work

















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This lovely image was our poster for the entire run of the Tour, thank you again Bill!
To see more of Bill Slavin's work, visit http://www.billslavin.com/