Spring Reunion

Friendship created this earthy and ethereal reunion between a lady bear and a forest dragon.

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The dragon was created by Tammi Beaulieu. She is constructed from a refined, resilient form of laminated paper (papier maché) over a wire armature throughout; from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail and wing tips - giving added durability. Specialty papers were used in the papier maché process to build up the dragon's hide and bring her to life.  The eyes are Swarovski crystals and the dragon's head is adorned with batik fabric, gems and microbeads. This dragon measures a mere 3 3/4 inches and is the smallest creature yet from Lilac Grove!

You can contact Tammi at her website or papersculptress[at]gmail.com



Lady Teah was created by me in a golden German mohair with tan ultrasuede paw and foot pads,  She has green eyes framed with auburn eyelashes, a hand-stitched dark brown embroidery floss nose, pale pink embroidery floss lips and green claws.  Her inner ears are hand-painted and her strawberry red hair falls to her shoulders.  The dragon wings tattoo on her back was hand-stitched in multiple shades of green with beads for accent.  Entirely wired and jointed, Lady Teah stands attentive at 14 inches.  She's stuffed with polyester fiberfil and glass beads.  A doll stand with a wooden base is included for stability.

Lady Teah's costume was created in a patterned fabric with multiple shades of green, with a gold inset.  Green leaf ribbon accents trail down from the neck-line with varying shades of crystal beads and golden loops catching the light.  A leather belt with jewel-toned ribbon lacings at the front and back hold the dress snuggly at her waist and a faux suede arm brace makes a perfect dragon perch.

A belly-button ring with a green bead is matched by the green stud earrings, while gold loops also compliment the costume.




The dragon perches on the lady’s wrist by way of two jewelry elastic loops over the toes.LT-side-blue.jpg (292321 bytes)



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This pair is a collectable and not intended for children.





Lady Teah and the Dragon ... available, $350.00US

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