Lola, the Belly-Dancing Bunny

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Lola-cl-sm.jpg (147175 bytes)Lola is ready to shimmy!  Brought to life for the soul purpose of helping out her fellow bunnies in need, Lola was adopted at the 23rd Annual Bristol Teddy Bear & Doll Show on Oct. 14th, 2007 where $100 of her $270US adoption fee went to Hop-A-Long Hollow for the care of abandoned pet rabbits.


Lola stands about 15 inches tall (not counting her lovely wired and bejewelled ears) and is fully wired and jointed with a Flexlimb spine, even her feet are flexible (so she can point her toes)!  Her fur is European mohair hand-dyed by German Teddy Bear artist Angelika Schäfer-Siegmund, with pink ultrasuede paw pads, a pink embroidery floss nose, green glass eyes, embroidery floss mouth and fingers, topped with a strawberry blond wig and eyelashes.  She's stuffed with poly fiberfil and glass beads.  On her lower back is a lovely  gold wire embellished carrot tattoo with swirling two-tone greens.  She also sports a gold loop bellybutton piercing with a black bead.

Lola's outfit is all glitz!  Her gold tone mesh brassiere with bangles perfectly compliments her embroidery waist-banded skirt with its beads, while her arm and ankle bangles have real little bells that jingle exotically as she hip-drops and shoulder-shimmies.  Bunny ears have lots of room for earrings!  She wears 3 pairs:  a simple stud, a golden loop and the long triple loop ones seen clearly in the photos.  And look at that bunny tail!  It's so fluffy it didn't fit in the photo!   


Lola ... adopted


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