Even at the gardening center where she worked, Ana always surprised everyone with her unwavering love for un-lovable creatures:  snakes, worms, insects... especially spiders.  She held spiders in high regard and, even though she was a very practical woman with short hair, never wearing make-up and not even an earring, she contemplated having a small permanent spider somewhere unobtrusive on her body.  At last she decided, yes she would do it!  In early October she visited a few recommended tattoo parlours and spoke with a few artists.  One artist in particular was very friendly to her and drew a few wonderful designs based on her wants.  He was also known for being very fast and with an almost painless technique. She chose to go with him...

On the day of her appointment, he talked with her for a while to finalize her tattoo.  She had a hard time picking her favorite, she said, but had decided.  He helped her lay down on the table and then he began...

Sabre had never met anyone as genuine and lovely as Ana.  She was so unusual, beautiful to look at with her tanned-brown fur and with a quick mind and an embracing laugh.  He enjoyed talking with her (especially as he'd just been dumped by his girlfriend).  In no time, he had completed her lovely little black spider tattoo high on her back on her shoulder blade.  




In no time at all... he knew she would never come back for another tattoo and he hated to see her leave so soon.  He was almost panicking, scrabbling for an idea to keep her there longer, and before he realized what he was doing he had begun a second wee spider, on her lower back. "Well, she liked all the designs..."  And so he continued working.  Ana was so relaxed, lying on her stomach with so much skin exposed and their conversation flowed so smoothly as his hands busied themselves... with a third spider.  This one was no longer discreet but a huge black beauty with a silver "v" and glistening red stinger centered lovingly on her mid-spine. 

Then a forth was begun on the back of her upper arm, a thin arachnid with a pale green zig-zag pattern that Sabre did with great care so as not to raise suspicion; he wanted to finish his vision.  







Then finally, working entirely free-hand he reached deep into his artistic self and created a bold, spectacular black and orange specimen on the back of her thigh.  In the end, unbeknownst to her, five wiggly spiders climbed about Ana's body,   Sabre was proud of his work and happy he had decided to gift this lovely woman with his art.  "My, they must have been exaggerating just a wee bit when they said you were quick!" Ana snickered softly as she rolled over when he finally sighed and told her they were done.  "But you were right, I didn't feel a thing."  She got dressed, paid and as she moved to the door, he kissed her full on the lips.  Perplexed, she left and Sabre was sorry he would never see her again.


Ana was so glad for the wonderful afternoon she'd had with the tattoo artist.  What a nice fellow, if a bit intense; she was happy she'd followed her instincts and been tattooed.  When she got home, she was exhausted and decided to call it an early night.  Pulling off her clothing, she took a peak at her new friend in the mirror and saw the sweet little spider on her back, high on her shoulder blade... 







But what was that on her mid-back?  She twisted around and saw another spider, a huge and jewel-eyed one!  And on her thigh, what was that?!






 Monstrous and in orange and black, another gigantic spider!  In shock, she discovered the remaining two!  











How could this have happened?  How could he!?  She was so embarrassed;  at least, she consoled herself, they could all be hidden under ordinary clothing.  Not knowing what to do and in a sore mood, she went to bed, exhausted.




From the top closet shelf, the arachnid saw all the spiders on the woman's body.  He was a monstrous creature, pollutants and other environmental wastes having transformed him into a gigantic thing.  He thought that perhaps all those spiders had found something wonderful to feast on... or he could feast on them.  Slowly, carefully he approached the bed and Ana's sleeping form.

Ana awoke with a start to find an absolutely huge, black spider on top of her back!  She spun over and struck out at it!  Fangs pierced her upper arm before it was hurled across the room and thudded into the wall, then scurried away.  Her forearm stung fiercely but she couldn't believe what she'd just seen.  She had no time to react further, however, as a dizziness overcame her and she had no choice but to put her head back down on the pillow and fall asleep.


Ana slept in late.  In the afternoon when she finally awoke, she felt... different.  She couldn't put her finger on this strangeness, but she felt invigorated, invincible and free.  



Looking in the mirror, her dark hair had gone white and all wiry with black tufts.  Very oddly, she realized, this didn't alarm her, but her arm was sore and had two small, red marks that throbbed...  

What to do?  She couldn't see any purpose in going to work, in fact she couldn't see any reason to do most of the things that governed her life.  And she was hungry... very hungry.  She didn't know what for, but the tattoo artist came to mind:  she was going to have words with him!  All the spiders on her back felt like they were twitching with anticipation.  


But first she had to get dressed.  She opened her closet but there was nothing she could imagine putting on her body, so she threw on a coat, grabbed her purse and went to the wild side of town. 





There she found exactly what she wanted:  a black vinyl corset with a collar opening into a high spiderweb frill, lace-up leatherette hot pants, thigh-high black leather boots and long leatherette arm guards.  Then she drove to the tattoo parlour, strode into the place and, with one quick motion, pinned Sabre to the wall.  "I came back," she spat.  "Now finish the job you started.  There should be eight!"




















Sabre followed her directions completely.  First, a googly-eyed spider was added to her tight stomach, just below her bellybutton and the corset.  





Then a tiny green fellow was tattooed on her upper leg.  


Then she undid the corset lacings and instructed him to add one last spider with a red "v" on it's back and shiny red pincers.  When he was done, she examined his work with approval.  



After pulling on her coat, Ana grabbed his face with both paws and kissed Sabre hard on the lips, then walked out into the cool night air.  Sabre tasted and smelled a bitter brine in his mouth.


Ana awoke the next afternoon feeling less strange, and less energized.  She didn't give a thought to the night before but remembered to inspect her clothing for any bloody smears.  That done, she prepared to go out again.  She was very hungry...  But her appearance in the small mirror disturbed her.  She went to see Sabre...

"My face is wrong," she hissed at him.  Deftly, her eyebrows were pierced multiple times with crystal studs inserted.  On a whim, the corners of her mouth curling into a wicked smile, she had him pierce her bellybutton,  A silver loop was inserted into her tail.  Her ears were both pierced three times with diamond studded spiders dangling.  Lastly, a sparkling green stud was inserted into her nose.

"Yes, that's it," she said looking at her reflection.  "I needed more eyes,"  She turned in front of the full length mirror and examined herself.  "I finally feel complete."







Then she kissed him deeply again and left to find dinner. 



The sun was just past its zenith when she awoke on the third day after her encounter with the giant spider.  Ana still felt invincible but her body ached.  She once again washed the blood off her clothing and slipped them on.  Her hunger wasn't as intense as on the previous nights but it still pained her.  She walked out into the night in search of her prey...






The afternoon light coming through the window on the forth day stung her eyes as she read the headlines in the paper: "Giant spider on the loose, 6 dead".  The details made her wince.  Everything fell into place now: her dream of the spider attack, her strange behavior, her nightly roamings.  What had she done?!  She knew very well...  But she felt almost normal now, her old self again, or so she tried to convince herself.  One glance in the mirror, however, proved she was definitely transformed.










She'd have to find a happy medium between her two worlds.  What was the one constant thing in her radically altered life?  

                 Her love of nature!



Her costume reminded her of all the crazy get-ups female super heroes wore in comic books.  So maybe that was it:  She should become an avenger for Mother Earth!  She would use her feminine wiles to attract crooked politicians, contractors who ignored environmental by-laws, lawyers and judges that let polluters go free, supporters of nuclear and coal facilities, litterers... and then strike, sucking out their life-juices.  And when they asked her her name, she'd say:


























Ana-Rachnid was created in a distressed pale tan German mohair with tanned ultrasuede paw and foot pads,  She has green-gold eyes framed with black eyelashes, a hand-stitched hazelnut brown embroidery floss nose, red embroidery floss lips and silver claws.  Her inner ears are hand-painted and her spiky blond hair has tufts of black synthetic and mohair fibers.  Her eight tattoos were all hand-stitched in multiple colors.  Entirely wired and jointed, Ana can contort to many poses and she stands at about 15 inches.  Her thigh high leather boots allow her to stand very well on her own.  (Unfortunately, to fit the boots, her feet are small and under-stuffed,)  She's stuffed with polyester fiberfil and glass beads. 

Ana-Rachnid's risqué costume is all black, all synthetic leather and vinyl.  The boots are Monique and zipper up on the inner thigh.  Her torso is incased in a 9-piece hand-stitched corset, laced at the back and held in place by three silver tone chains attached to a wide pointed collar.  A separate spider-web cut collar with a front silver twist closure frames her hair.  She also sports lace-up hot pants and arm braces that end in points at her wrists.

A belly-button ring with a silver chain and 5 sparkling facial piercings go along with her three pairs of ear piercings, including dangling, "crystal" studded spiders and her loop tail piercing.  


Ana-Rachnid... $320.00US


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